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a little update   
06:58pm 14/08/2003
mood: frustrated
life has been too good until a five mins ago ... but hopefully that'll pass! (Sorry baby) i really like school this year... all my classes are great!!! i am also really try hard this year... i've been doing all my homework and i am making the extra step to understand it too. umm but yeah ... miami key west ... etc was great too. i just wish that we couldve stayed longer! umm i dont really know what else to talk about... tomorrow we got a game (aaaaaa im startin to hate football)! anyways... later!
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03:26pm 23/07/2003
mood: cranky
everyone is in such a bad mood today... i hate it! last night around 11 i snuck out and went to go watch aj and carlos play soccer out in the boonies... we finally got there around 12!!!! i did manage to get in around 4 45 ! it sucked i was so scared... im always so paranoid the next morning... so i woke up and everyones just going insane over this little tape that they cannot find. i say they just need to relax... well i finally got my dad to go out and let me drive MY NEW CAR!!! (excitin) i went to go see russ... he supposed to be leavin for jail in an hour or so...

:( it still seems very unreal! but i guess now i will be able to visit him whenever i need to talk....we'll see how things turn out. after that i went up to my school to talk to the coaches. i got to talk to bracco and i told himm about the camp that i went to and he was like yeah i know some ppl and me and teter are gonna sit down and try to get u a scholarship to do training in college!!! i am very excited... only bracco is the kind of person that i will have to keep reminding about it ... oh well! i also got to see a lot of my boys.... i miss football so much and it really looks like its just gonna be me this year! la-say showed up at my house last night... i got so scared cuz he knocked on my window because nobody was answering the door for him. im gonna be his ride to school from now on and hes gonna be payin me too. yey! he says he'll "have" money! friday or sat we are leaving for miami... and then we come back right before school starts. im really stressin out about school, summer readin, dresss code!!!!... and a bunch of other shit! well i still dont know if we are gonna have a dress code... anyways... my cat puked on the floor (its not puke actually) and its smells like ass so im gonna go and try to clean that!!! peace
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03:26pm 22/07/2003
mood: worried
wow my car is only two hours away but i am still worried because the storm and what if the bank by perimeter isnt working... shit i cant wait another day! yesterday was blah... just went to the mall (lenox and perimeter) and bought some new shoes. i was just in a weird mood... i wanted to do something so the time would pass but i didnt cuz my head hurt! anyways... carey called me yesterday and i explained to her why i havent talked to amber....

amber: i just felt like u needed time by yourself to realize a lot of things. and i see that u have but maybe not all... i wanted you to realize that u are grown up now u have to make decisions by yourself and not let me make them for you... not sayin that that was always the case but yeah soemtimes it was. u cant expect me to always be there. u cant expect anyone to always be there.

i also dont want to sit down and talk about this because everytime we did that i felt like u were listenin to me but u didnt hear me... u didnt understand where i was coming from. and i know u say u will change but do u ever? i know i sound harsh but yeah u do need an explanation from me. and i am sorry i didnt explain to you sooner but i also just need time to myself to think about what i wanna do with my life and whats good for us!! anyways i forgot everything else i was going to say.... wb!
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07:15pm 20/07/2003
  just wanna say this once again! today is truly the best day.... i feel like everythings going my way!  
CAR problem solved   
07:04pm 20/07/2003
mood: excited
today was just the best day ever... had to go to work but it was good since i made a shitload and then i went to check out some cars and guess what!!!! i found one!!! i am soo excited.. i cant even describe it~ MY DREAM CAR TOO! yey hopefully nobody else will want it til tuesday!!! now that would suck... anyways im gonna go
08:26pm 19/07/2003
mood: pissed off
i went to look at my car today and i am very disappointed... well not really! i really really want the car that we looked at today but it is wayyyy too much. but i love it... i dunno i guess i'll wait til tuesday. the guy who my sister bought her car from is going to take my dad to an auction so we can get a nice ass car for cheap! thats a hook up right there! but those bastards in lawrenceville really pissed me off though... they thought that just cause i am young i dunno shit... the car was initially 5900 and on the internet its on sale for 5000! now this is whats real funny this guy is tryin to tell me that he is giving me a good deal by selling it for 5400!!! WTF???!?!?! riiight... and then they tried to tell me that someone else was lookin at it too and i should buy soon... i was like yeah let em look and if they buy it they are stupid... and i am not! anyways... they just seem like big liars and maybe theyll end up giving it to me for less but im not paying 5000 for it! hell no. we'll see! im in no rush.... i leave for miami in a week ... i am very excited since that is the first vacation of this summer. i was supposed to be off work today but for some reason i was still on the schedule for 6;30 ... i snuck out last night so i really sleep all that much... i should... hmm i just thought about something.... i really wonder if there is actually going to be a dresscode this year! cuz i havent heard about it yet... i wonder.... hmmmm...
past few days   
10:20am 18/07/2003
mood: tired
the past few days have been awesome.... ive been hangin out mostly with alyx my sis jon and my bf. alyx's lakehouse is sooo much fun. the other night we were all spendin the night down there and alyx's mom kinda went crazy on us... it was hilarious... we were all messed up..... the other night too. her mom just comes in the room and is like oh well yall wanna take the gocart out and drive around... we like hell yeah. that night we went downtown so alyx can pierce her tounge but that didnt happen so we decided to go to matt kims house... it was awesome seeing all those people again. anyways we didnt stay long cuz we had to make curfew. work absolutley sux right now but i am glad cuz i dont have to work the next three weeks. im glad we are going in a week and not this sat. im really really looking forward to it. anyways i will do my best to get that girl fired... i am so pissed.... stupid bitch!!!!! anyways sat before we went up to alyx's tirrell called me and was seeing what was up with me since we havet talked in such a long time... and i was just like i felt like i wasnt allowed to talk to you and i guess he felt the same way. anyways later on all that i have to go to this college thing... peace out!!!!
10:41pm 11/07/2003
mood: hopeful
i finally got to go back to startime. that shit was a lot of fun but we didnt get to stay longer cuz carlos and aj almost got us kicked the fuck out.... that was funny. i didnt do much else today just drove around with my dad trying to find a petstore and then aj came over and he brought me fish. now i have five in my itty bitty fish tank . my dad says i should buy a bigger one... he weird. he really loooves to spend money on fish shit and computers. aaaaaa i am craving some vanilla coke... im gonna go see if my daddy will take me!
01:57pm 10/07/2003
  omg the lakehouse was sooooooooooo much fun! that was prolly the best day i have had all summer. i feel so shitty right now though.... everythings sore from tubbing, jet skiing and whatever else we did. i busted my ass on the damn tubbing thing. i dont know how but i got a black eye from it. i got so beat up. alyx prolly has the most amazing house that i have ever seen. it reminds me of alice in wonderland. i wanted to steal one of the pink flamingos. we're prolly going back on sat. that girls toooo much fun and her parents are so nice. my boyfriends coming back in town today... im excited about seeing him and we also have ppl coming over from fl. oh shit i hope they brought my stuff..... all i wanna do is play with the little baby.
hha i think its very funny how some ppl can talk about someone so badly and when they got noone else be best friends with them. we all make mistakes right??? (yeah!!!) i am just glad that i am not a part of that.
aaaaa i hurt.... im gonna lay down....
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11:24am 09/07/2003
mood: excited
aaaaa guess what i did? i accidently broke the window in my room and cut my hand. it feels weird. its a little cut but it hurts alot. i felt really stupid. so now the window is open and when it rains, the water just gets in my room. the stupid fleas are still not gone either. yesterday i got to catch up with all of my old buddies... its nice when u know that u do have some girlfriends who actually listen to your problems. i love the fact that i can sit on the phone with deanna and katrina both and talk for hours about everything. i also got to talk to em and we are going to hang out soon too.... right now i am waitin on alyx to wake up so we can go to the lake.... i am really lookin forward to that.... im gonna go get ready peace.
11:23am 07/07/2003
mood: nervous
i did james a favor and now he might do me one... i have to see by the end of the day. he was trying to get me to buy this car but now he wants it and i have to beg him to let me buy it. its not the greatest thing ever and i havent seen it yet but its cheap and i need it! its a cadilac i think 96 and old ppl drove it so everything should be fine on it. james says that the guy has a diff car and just wants to get rid of this one. he has enough money so he just wants 1500 for it. hell of a deal. maybe today i can go check it out. i ended up working for james today... i made a whole 15 dollars... it was slow so kate let me go home early. and i also didnt want to be a part of hers and teresas convo. i really didnt wanna hear about kate sex with her ex.... God that was nasty! (cameltoe) lol i saw charles angels yesterday with my sister and my budd. it was an ok movie... the fightin scenes were just tooo drastic. but it was free so its all good. i have to take my school pics today. i dont feel like it ......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
05:50pm 06/07/2003
  i hate when my comp is messed up! i cant update about the things i actually wanna write about. i always forget half the story. friday was fuckin awesome... i got off of work early and then go ready to go to la-say's! it was a lot of fun. i just didnt like waitin for the food for about 4 1/2 hours. im really lookin forward to football season and being close to my class this year. afterwards aj picked me up and we went to andrews together. hahahaha that was soooo great fun. everyone was hammmered... lol. so andrews drunk ass decides to take a picture of my boobs and put it on the tv screen. i was sooo embarresed. his 35 year old brother is sitting next to me too askin me if they are a D...it made me very uncomfortable. he apologized to aj around 2 oclock later.... i left around 12 30 since i had to work the next morning. anyways im bout to leave ...ill update more later.  
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08:06pm 03/07/2003
mood: bouncy
yey! i am so excited. i finally got my haircut today... it only took about 4 and a half hours to get it done though. john the owner came up to me and asked me if im gonna be in the next shot. he is so nice. he was like we want to come, u take nice pictures. :) this girl works there now, she graduated from dunwoody but i dont know her name. i got to talk to her a bit. it got really boring at times. i am so impatient. so afterwards me and my sister went out to eat with mommy. it was hella good. and then we went to get stuff for my aquarium. i just got done fixing it up. its soooo cute~ i love it. i just need fish now. im really not lookin forward to workin tomorrow but i gotta do it. mia wont be there so i might get off early. we'll see!
09:39am 03/07/2003
mood: awake
omg i am so mad right now and frustriated. so my hairdresser heather just calls me to tell me that she has to move my appointment for a minute there i thought i had to come in another day. well now i have to go in around 1. well atleast shes gonna do it. after work yesterday i went to the petstore. i really wanted to buy something for my fishtank but i ended up not. so all we did was drive around. emi did my summer readin assignment. i am so excited. he fucking rocks. now i dont have to read that gay ass book. i also went to church. it was nice to see some ppl there that i didnt see last week. haha it was funny. crickett didnt even say hi to me at first and then like 20 mins later she came up and told me she liked my hair. i laughed. i hate her. the only reason i went yesterday was to see steve speak. he is hilarious. i guess he was really mad about that night we went to his house. not mad... he just doesnt like ppl talkin durin movies. lol. anyways ... what happend later i really dont wanna talk about...all i gotta say is "i fucking called it". me and my sister ended up going to the movies anyways. it was alot of fun. i saw a bunch of ppl. i got to talk to lyndel ... i love that girl... once i start drivin i will be all over athens with that girl. fun times... well we watched legally blonde :) and i really thought it was gonna be stupid but it actually turned out to be really good. it was soooo cute. yup yup.... well gotta get ready peace!~~
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11:57pm 01/07/2003
  i am in love....

yesterday i was sick. i hate puking. today everything was better. tomorrow i have to work. bah! this is my great update.

i am in love
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10:08pm 29/06/2003
mood: awake
i really dont know what to write about. last night we went to seans and ryan's . it was fun. they have a great view. it was so pretty. after their place we went to waffle "king" with aj and genc. i really dont like that kid but whatever. amber was soooo drunk. it was funny as hell. i love being the sober one. that jewish guy really freaked me out. he wanted to pay for a meal, i though he was undercover. worked sucked ass. all i thought about doing is going home and sleepin. so i did, it was great but now i am awake. i think i might sneak out but i am too lazy to get ready or anything... here i go!
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04:09pm 28/06/2003
mood: hyper
god did work suck today or what? ... we had to clean the whole restaurant and my job was to do the booths. there is so much crap behind them. i was so disgusted. (like jellies from a year ago!) yuck! i should get extra for that bullshit! there was this guy today... hes pretty kool. noone was there so i got to talk to him a bit. hes gonna bring me sectionms of the book that he is writing and he knows a lot of people who do sports med. hes gonna find info for me. how sweet! there need to be a lot more people like him.
i had quite a good time yesterday... i almost got killed though. and i thought women were bad drivers... ambers party turned out pretty good. i always like meeting new people. i got to talk to russell a bit more and i dontreally think he should get back with alyx either. but thats not my business, so whatever he does, ill respect him for that! afterwards i spent the night at ambers (other one) ... shit i really didnt wanna work today... i felt like crap.
i have to take my pictures for school on tuesday... that means i need to get a haircut! damn damn damn... i really want to go to the kenney chestney concert....(amber ask your momma) blah blah .... yeah bye!
10:38am 27/06/2003
  haha jon came over yesterday just to say hi! that kid is so obnoxious. its funny... him and phillip are both gonna be at dunwoody next year. how sad...  
10:21am 27/06/2003
mood: awake
well i finally get to update...everyones asleep right now and i really dont know why i am up this early! yesterday i cleaned a whole lot with amber and then we went to moe's to eat! we didnt get it for free this time it sucks! later on we went to steves and watched the exocist~ i think that that is by far the funniest movie ever. anyways... on wednesday we decided that we will all actually go to church... yeah that sucked. so me dana and my sister went to this overlook thing. wow the view was amazing. i really hate going to church now. its just not the same. i finally go to go to the doctor and now i am taking all this crap. my doctor was very weird. i could help but laugh at him. he seemed very unproffesional. lol.... anyways today im finally gonna see russell. im excited. whee peeeee right now i am bored WAKE UP EVERONE~!
10:57pm 25/06/2003
mood: blah
what a dramatic day... i'll update later when i get out of this lazy mood.